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Rx For Buildings!

Commissioning is a quality control process that ensures that a building owner gets the fully operating building that he paid for. In its most effective form, Building Commissioning starts at the conceptual design stage, and ends when the 12-month warranty period expires. It is also most effective when performed by a Commissioning (Cx) Agent who is independent of the Architect, Engineer, and Contractor, under contract directly to the Owner. It is most commonly applied to the mechanical systems, but also may include the electrical and life safety systems. These are the dynamic systems of the building with all the moving parts and complex interactions that provide the safety and comfort that the building occupants and owners expect. (

Our Team.

Our team is dedicated to aiding and facilitating the smoothest and best quality MEP commissioning services possible. Lead by Lee Huffines, with 15+ years of hands on commissioning experience, and the Building Whisperer himself, Tom Foster, who has over 53 years in the engineering industry, our staff is knowledgeable, versatile, and devoted to your project. We work systematically to solve any problems that may arise leaving your team the ability to focus on what they do best!

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