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Existing Building Cx


Commissioning WorCx offers a wide variety of Existing Building Commissioning Services from our exceptionally knowledgeable staff and field team.

Utility Incentive Analysis

As a Duke Power Trade Ally and SmartPath Partner, we have helped numerous clients not only save money, but also get incentives to put towards facility improvement. We work with your operations and facilities managers to understand your energy usage and to recognize potential challenges. Paybacks for this service are typically less than 1 year. (To access the California Commissioning Guide for Existing Building Commissioning Click Here)


Facility Operating Assessment

This is a less in-depth assessment, sometimes associated with due diligence and property ownership changes.


Energy Analysis

We help clients benchmark their current energy consumption and can set them up in Energy Star Portfolio Manager to help them see how their building performs and compares to others that are similar. From this we can identify, low-cost, no-cost methods of improving performance.



We can provide ASHRAE Level I, II, and III audits depending on the clients needs and requirements.


Whole Building Problem Solving

The Building Whisperers have solved many operating problems on existing buildings based on our extensive field repair service and installation experience. Whenever we complete a building evaluation we always try to leave a building better than when we found it.


"Analysis of commissioning projects for existing buildings showed a median commissioning cost
of US$0.27 per Sq ft, energy savings of 15 percent, and a simple payback period of 0.7 years."

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