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New Building Cx

Commissioning WorCx is proud to work with you and your building team starting in the early design phase to make sure that your building is built and operates to the owners' desired standards, whether that is LEED certified, Energy Star, or Code Compliance. Our approach will facilitate in creating the utmost synergy, transparency, and efficiency in your new building endeavor.

We Work With:

Our portfolio includes wide array of clients. We help to make sure the Owners Specifications are met through team development, transparency, and our "Whole-Building Approach."


We have worked public and private colleges and universities across the state of North Carolina, including multiple LEED Gold and LEED Silver certified buildings.

Private Client

From the first LEED Platinum hotel in the world to major, high-tech, office campuses to Thomas Jefferson's home-place,  we superior, provide project specific commissioning services. By working with the team early in the design phase we facilitate in open communication leading to optimal owner satisfaction.


Commissioning WorCx proudly works hand in hand with state and county programs including police training facilities and schools.


Vetted, Screened, and Checked! Commissioning WorCx staff bring the utmost professional service to aid the US Military in their energy goals. Our highly knowledgeable staff of engineers has worked on many military projects.


Assisted Living

From large hospital systems, to university run hospitals, to long-term care facilities, we've developed commissioning plans that have aided in optimal building efficiency and comfort.



Commissioning WorCx looks at a building with our "Whole-building Approach." Not only do we strive for the highest level of transparency and efficiency for a building, but we also work to optimize  the comfort of the environment, thus increasing productivity.

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High Point University Health Science

"These scientific [building] spaces required the HVAC to operate correctly and efficiently, and we could not have achieved this goal without Commissioning WorCx."

-Justin Swanson

Frank L. Blum Constuction

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