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Rx For Buildings!

Commissioning WorCx is proudly celebrating 20 years of quality commissioning work in the state of North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina!

Helping Meet Owners' Operating Requirements

We at Commissioning WorCx specialize in Commissioning new buildings and Retro-commissioning existing buildings to ensure that they meet their Owner’s Operating Requirements, operate in an energy efficient and sustainable manner, and that building operators are properly trained in their operation and maintenance..

  • We guide the design and installation of energy efficient and cost effective HVAC systems and controls.

  • Our goal is to provide long term value for building owners, to make sure building operators are properly trained, and to enhance the sustainable, carbon-friendly footprint of the built environment.

  • All our efforts are focused on learning, and sharing knowledge gained and “lessons learned” with our present and future potential clients (and anyone else who is interested).

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